Connecting A Screen

Getting your screens connected to your xibo instance is important if you are going to display your signage layouts. Below are the steps to link your screens.

1) Download the xibo client and install on your signage computer. The defaults of the installer are fine to use. The windows client is downloadable [here]
2) Get the CMS Secret Key. The CMS Secret Key is readable from your xibo instance. The location to find your key is: [Advanced] -> Settings -> Configuration.
3) Open the xibo client. Under the connect tab, you will have three fields: CMS Address, Key and Local Library.

CMS Address     The web address of your xibo instance
Key     The CMS Secret Key
Local Library     The path on your signage pc where your media will be saved.

Enter the correct info into the three fields on the connect tab. The definitions of the fields are above.

4) Press save. Your client will now download your media from the xibo instance.

Xibo Client Minimum Requirements

   A network connection to the CMS 
   Microsoft Windows 7 or later 
   .NET Framework v4.5
   Internet Explorer 8+ (recommended IE11 or higher) 
   Flash Player Version 9 or later (if Flash support required) 
   Windows Media Player 11 or later 
   For PowerPoint support, Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 or later. PowerPoint viewer is not suitable. 

Network Considerations

Please make sure ports 80, 9505 and 443 are open to the ip address of your xibo instance. If you do not know your ip address, you can open a ticket requesting it. You can learn how to open a ticket [here].