Xibo has a sophisticated scheduling system which allows for the simple creation of complex schedules for Events across Displays/Display Groups.


Events are administered from the Schedule section of the menu and managed from the calendar interface.

The CMS supports scheduling for 3 event types:

  1. Campaign/Layout Event Schedule 1 or multiple Events to Displays.
  2. Overlay Layout Event Specially created Layouts are scheduled at the same time as existing Layouts to create an overlay of content to be displayed.
  3. Command Event A Scheduled Command can be executed by the Player at a specific point in time and therefore this type of event does not need a toDt.

Commands available to schedule are pre-configured by an Administrator. Available Commands can be selected using the Command drop-down menu on the Schedule Event form. If you require additional commands please contact your Administrator.


Use Event Priority to determine whether the event should be included in the schedule for the Player or not. A ‘Priority Event’ is determined by a number, with 0 considered the lowest Priority.