My Signage Rocks!

An Xibo Hosting Company

Why worry about hosting your own digital signage system. Let us do it for you! We will handle the system updates, installs, and other maintenance; you will only worry about creating your own content.

We use the Xibo CMS for our digital signage platform. Xibo has been in development since 2004 and is a feature rich tool with a vibrant community. Xibo provides all the functionality you require in a digital signage solution while still being easy to use. Check out our user guide!

Xibo Layout designer

Easily Make Content

Making content with the Xibo web interface is quick and easy. You can include images, videos, PDFs, web pages, RSS feeds and more in your designs. You will have all the needed flexibility to create the content you envision.

Xibo Scheduling

Schedule Content As Needed

After creating your content you can schedule it to any monitor connected to the My Signage Rocks platform. Users have the flexibility to schedule content for any amount of time. If nothing is scheduled on a screen a default layout will be played. You can rest assured that something will be always be shown on your screens.

Xibo user groups

Easily Manageable

The Xibo CMS is packed with features, such as:

  • User Groups
  • User and Group Permissions
  • Display Groups
  • Display Group Permissions
  • Menu and Page Permissions
  • Campaigns (ordered groups of Layouts)
  • Layout Templates
  • Display Statistics

Frequently Asked Questions

What counts as a screen?

A screen is the hardware connected to the TV/Projector/Video wall that is actually displaying the end content.

What hardware do I need?

Other than your display, you need a windows computer with internet access.

Does My Signage Rocks provide templates?

Yes! Each environment has some media assets which can be used as layouts or to make layouts. Although we recommend making your own.