Designing Layouts

A Layout is a complete screen design including content and background, which is then scheduled to a Display or multiple displays in a Display Group. A Layout is made up of 1 or more Regions which hold content and contain a timeline of Media to show. Media is assigned to the Layout Timeline using Widgets which provide the actions for the selected Module.

Xibo has no limit to the number of Layouts you can have in the system or the number a User can have.


Click to open in a Read Only Mode, which is viewed in the Layout Designer window. Checkout the Layout to enable editing.


Checkout from the row menu to put the Layout into a draft mode so that changes can be made later. Once edited, the Layout can be Published to make changes permanent and send the edited Layout to Displays. Discard will revert the Layout back to the original published state.

Preview Layout

The Layout will play from start to finish which allows you to see how your layout will play. Make important adjustments to ensure that layout designs play as intended before scheduling to Displays.

Schedule Now

To save time, Layouts can be scheduled for a specified amount of time, which can be very useful for important notices / promotions.


Make changes to the naming and Tags used for the Layout as well as making changes to the background image/color.


Assign Permissions for Users/User Groups to define who should have access to View, Edit and Delete the Layout.


Remove a Layout and all its associated media completely from all existing Schedules. Please note: This action is irreversible!


Regions define areas on a Layout which hold Widgets (media content) to form sets of timed content.

Regions can be positioned anywhere inside the Layout canvas using drag and drop, and resized by using the resize handle located in the lower right-hand corner of the Region.

Click on X located on the left of the toolbar to save changes and exit the window. The Layout Navigator will now show the Region resized and positioned.

Adding Regions

Regions can be added in two ways:

-open the Layout Navigator window and click on the Add button.

-select Tools on the bottom toolbar and click on Region to add or drag to the Layout Navigator window.


Media is assigned to Layouts using Widgets, which provide the actions for the selected Module.

Widgets are available from the toolbar at the bottom of the Layout Designer to add to Regions. Use the arrows to scroll through all the the available Widgets.

Adding to Regions

Clicking on a Widget will give you the option to click to Add