Creating layouts for your screens is easy to get started with. This page has resources to help you with creating content.


A layout is a complete screen design, including content and a background image, which can be scheduled across multiple displays at multiple times. A layout has one or more regions which contain a playlist of media to show.
Layouts are designed at a target resolution, but they will dynamically resize if they are shown on a Display that has a different resolution. If they dynamically resize “bars” might be added if the two resolutions are different aspect ratios. See Resolutions for more information.
Xibo has no limit to the number of Layouts in the system or the number of Layouts each individual user can have.
Layouts are viewed from the Design section of the menu by clicking the Layouts menu item. The default view shows all Layouts the user has permission to view, their description and a thumbnail of their background image.

How to Create a Layout

Creating a layout on xibo is a very simple process:

On the Dashboard, click on the Layouts button

Once on the Layouts page, click on the Add Layout button

On the Add Layout windows, enter the required information:

  1. Name: Enter the layout name
  2. Tag: Enter any tags for the layout
  3. Resolution: Pick the resolution for this layout


Click on Save to create the layout

Once saved, the layout designer page will open