Terminal Access to a Xibo Docker Container

If you are running your own instance of Xibo via docker, sometimes you need to access the terminal for your web server or database. This can be done easily.  First, we need to know the name of the docker container we want the bash terminal for. This can be done by running the following command […]

Things Every Xibo Admin Should Know About Storage

Xibo is a very easy to use piece of software, especially when you compare it to the competition (*cough* *cough* fourwinds ). Even so, it’s always nice to have a quick run down on features that maybe you haven’t come across before. So here is my list of things I feel every xibo admin should […]

DataSets in Xibo 1.8

  Xibo has a lot of useful features. Today I want to talk about DataSets and how to design them. By the end of this article, you will have designed a happy birthday announcement layout using DataSets as the information store. For this article to make sense, you will need to have a basic understanding of […]

Xibo and Emergency Messaging

Digital signage is a great communication tool for event and office spaces. People use signage to share events, news and other important information. Oddly enough, one thing people often over look as an use case for their digital signage is emergency messaging. Companies will spend money to email, text, and call employees in case of an […]

Xibo and Shibboleth

If you work in a university and deal with authentication, most likely you know what shibboleth is. For those who don’t know, shibboleth is a single sign on system that allows users to use one password across different systems. Giving users the ability to use one password is of great benefit as it makes a […]

Xibo and Education

Why should an educational institution use xibo as their digital signage solution? I’ve put together a short list to answer the aforementioned question. 1) Easy to use. From day one your designers will be able to create content. How can I make this promise with confidence? Xibo is intuitive and has advance features that will […]

Computer Setting Recommendations

Setting up your Windows PC properly is important for having the best looking and secure digital signage. Here are a few things to consider while setting up a PC for digital signage. Have your machine auto logon with a non-admin account? Have your digital signage client boot on start up? Do not run any unnecessary […]